A great looking website is useless unless in contains relevant, engaging and rich content. Your website content builds loyalty and should clearly promote your key messages. Most importantly, your content builds your website authority and is crucial to building high search engine rankings.

Great content also opens up opportunities to build inbound links to your website and provide share worthy material for social media.

Quick Fact

48% of marketeers say content generation is the most difficult SEO tactic

Why do I need great content?

For your website to build high search engine rankings and engage your visitors it needs 2 things. Firstly, it needs to be well written, relevant and interesting, content that is useful and answers your readers questions. Secondly, the content needs to contain your target keywords so that when search engines crawl your pages they quickly identify what the page is about and know to rank your website.

Sounds easy? Well the key to website content is finding the right balance between including your keywords (which is crucial) but also keeping it readable and interesting. Simply forcing your keywords into your content will not work, and simply ‘stuffing’ your page with keywords won’t work either – in fact these tactics will simply result in your website achieving no rankings at all.

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We understand your website is useless unless you’re drawing relevant visitors in and converting them into leads. Our content generation and marketing services will attract your target audience and find ways to generate enquiries through engaging pages, useful resources and proven content marketing strategies.

Before undetaking any new project we’ll take time to understand your brand and use language your audience expects. As digital marketing experts all our web content will be built around detailed keyword and industry research so the search engines will love you as much as your customers.

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