Local SEO

Search engines are now the primary way people discover businesses, products and services. Local SEO (search engine optimisation) has emerged as the strategy for connecting businesses with local customers. It’s a tailored SEO strategy to boost a business’s online visibility for location based searches, or those that have the intent of wanting a local business.

Wider SEO aims to improve a websites overall rankings but local SEO focuses on positioning a business at the top of search results to users in a specific geographic area.

When individuals search for products and services, they will often include a location specific keywords such as “seo agency in cumbria”. Local SEO is the strategy of optimising for those specific location based keywords with the goal of ranking higher than local competitors.

Local SEO involves detailed keyword research to find the search terms that are popular with local customers. These keywords can then be strategically worked into website content. Furthermore, if a business works in numerous locations, various landing pages can be created to target specific areas.

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Local SEO – Your Questions Answered

  • Local SEO (search engine optmisation) is the practice of boosting your search engine visibility for local searches. It’s helps you reach potential customers in your specific geographic location, rather than thinking you’re just competing against national companies.

  • Boosting your local rankings for keywords your potential customers are using when researching your products and services could significantly grow your business.

  • At a very high level you need to focus on using the language around your website content and ensuring your business listings are accurate and up to date. Local SEO is not a quick win, it’ll take time to deliver results but once in place could produce an ROI many times higher than other marketing strategies.

  • Creating valuable and relevant content that answers your users questions and demonstrates your expert knowledge is crucial to building search engine rankings. This could include high quality blog articles, guides or informative articles related to your industry.

  • Online reviews play a significant role in local SEO. Positive reviews can improve your reputation and credibility, and this in turn impacts your search engine visibility. Local business owners should actively encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor.

  • Having an active social media presence helps build a community around your business. It’s also a platform for you to promote local events and promotions. Having a high level of social media engagement further tells search engines that local people trust your business.

  • Backlinks for local businesses and directories can significantly boost your local SEO efforts. You should aim to acquire backlinks through collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships across Cumbria.

Keyword Research

Identfying and selecting the search phrases potential customers are using in your local area when researching your products and services. By understanding your target keywords you can begin working these into your website content and overall marketing strategy.

Competitor Analysis

A successful local SEO strategy will position you ahead of local competitors. Take a look at what their keyword targeting looks like, you can do this using various online tools or simply having a look at their own website content.

On Page SEO

When you’ve established your target keywords they need to be worked naturally into your website content. Your website should be technically sound, easy to navigate, and provide useful content for users.

Off Page SEO

No local SEO campaign is complete without building location citations and links into your website. This will increase your website’s authority and boost your local SEO rankings.

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