Google Shopping ads offer a highly effective way for eCommerce businesses to drive sales and build revenue through their websites. A Google Shopping campaign will instantly position your products alongside competitors and should deliver an excellent ROI.

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56% of all Google Ad spend is on Google Shopping

Google Shopping Campaign Management

Getting started with Google Shopping can be a little daunting and there may be some technical set up work to do on your website in order to implement the ads effectively. Tall Marketing can take all the hassle away and we can lean on many years experience of working with eCommerce websites in a host of industries. 

We’d be delighted to help you introduce a brand new campaign or evaluate an existing account and everything in between.

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Google Shopping

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All Google Shopping accounts need 3 things in order to run:

1. Google Merchant Account

Google Merchant Center is where account holders and agencies can manage your product catalogue. 

2. A Product Feed

Your product feed is where you tell Google what products you want to advertise and the content you want to use in your ads. A product feed can be created manually in Google Sheets or most popular eCommerce platforms (such as WooCommerce or Shopify) have easy to use extensions which will create and update a feed automatically. 

3. A Google Ads Account

A Google Shopping campaign budget and billing is managed from the same dashboard as any other type of Google Ad such as a Search or Display campaign.

If you find yourself not sure about any of the above then please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance. In many cases an account can be quickly up and running.

Part of our service also includes the maintenance and optimisation of your product feeds to ensure you’re using effective product titles and descriptions, and also ensure your pricing in competitive against competitors. A consumer who utilises Google Shopping tends to be a savvy consumer and can easily shop around for the best service and price.

Tall Marketing has worked with businesses both in Cumbria and nationwide to boost the performance of Google Shopping campaigns. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to increase you online revenues.

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Many years experience of creating high performing search, display and shopping campaigns in highly competitive industries. Our work includes a balance of technical know how and creativity to increase sales whilst delivering a profitable CPA.

Bing Ads

Although not widely used Bing is a constantly growing search engine and a great place for businesses who are seeking to explore new opportunities. In many cases Bing offers a different range of audiences and is the default search engine for Internet Explorer, Yahoo and Xbox users.

Google Shopping

When done right Google Shopping can produce high conversion rates for any eCommerce website, even in the most competitive markets. Attract engaged audiences to your website who are ready to buy. Our aim is to deliver an excellent return and drive increased performance for Google Shopping Campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is ideal for businesses wanting to immediately target a specific audience. Facebook now allows advertisers to target users by their location, interests, employment, pages likes and more to produce an excellent CPA and return on your investment.

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