French Furniture Fittings

Who Are French Furniture Fittings?

French Furniture Fittings are an online retailer of high quality furniture handles and knobs. They focus on the latest trends to ensure their products are the best the market has to offer.

The Challenge

An established online business, French Furniture Fittings were already investing in website management, paid social, and Google ads (Pay-Per-Click or PPC) when their agency, Make Us Visible (MUV), and MUV approached Tall Marketing about SEO consultancy. 

While the business enjoyed a good ROI from paid ads, MUV had identified that there was an opportunity to further increase their order revenue through improvements to their organic search visibility.

Paid ads had been a great way for French Furniture Fittings to build customer engagement, and increase orders, but the plan was to increase organic traffic and their search engine rankings.

French Furniture Fittings is an online retail business that sits within a niche market for which they have an attractive and functional website. But despite having an efficient website and a specialised product range, a bulk of their online visibility was limited to paid ads, resulting in a limited market share.

After an initial conversation with Tall Marketing, MUV & French Furniture Fittings understood they needed to invest in a long-term SEO plan. Over time, this would help them establish a more visible, authoritative online presence.

The Plan

Tall Marketing undertook market research to identify trends and competitors and analyse any gaps in content within the French Furniture Fittings website to get a feel for a direction and establish some objectives. With high-quality, cleverly sourced products at competitive prices, French Furniture Fittings had a great USP. With some ongoing SEO, we were confident they could improve their market share and organic visibility.

An analysis of the position and authority of the French Furniture Fittings website showed there was a large scope for improvement, so we set about putting together the objectives of an SEO campaign.

This suggested the following:

  • We would focus on increasing organic visitor numbers – boosting the number of visitors arriving at the client’s website through organic search.
  • We would improve search engine rankings – achieving higher rankings for targeted keywords related to the client’s products.
  • We would technically optimise the website to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience, to contribute to higher conversion rates.

The Solution

One task that we identified as an immediate necessity was to resolve crawling issues on the website. Problems that were preventing search engine bots from effectively accessing, navigating, and indexing the content of the site. These issues hindered SEO performance and the website’s visibility in search engine results.  

We also performed extensive keyword research to identify high-value, and mixed competition keywords, then developed a keyword strategy aligned with the client’s business goals and target audience. These would be applied in numerous places across the site to improve content, user experience, and search engine rankings. 

Because the French Furniture Fittings website was long established and had good domain authority, creating useful descriptions for category pages, using targeted keywords, is where we knew some of the biggest wins might occur. We identified where we could make quick progress, enabling us to show improved ranking results within a short timeframe. 

Another factor that needed addressing was the structure of some pages and content. Improving these items and utilising target keywords throughout the site would enhance the overall user experience and SEO performance.

The Results

Over the first 12 months the SEO campaign generated some serious improvements to the client’s website visibility. Over the space of a year, KPI’s showed consistent growth in various areas:

  • A 289% increase in impressions on Google Search confirmed to the client that their website was being seen on search engine results pages. A lot more!
  • A 167% increase in clicks through from Google organic search. This statistic not only showed that the website had more online visibility but also that rankings had increased and the content displayed on search results was engaging with potential customers.
  • An average position increase of 21% on search engine results pages verified that bit by bit, the website was moving up in ranking. This is no mean feat for businesses operating within the online retail space, with such a competitive landscape to navigate.
  • The biggest win of all was an increase of 37% in organic order revenue. Since the building search engine rankings and increasing revenue was the driving motivation behind investing in SEO consultancy, this increase proved that the work was effective.

Having shown great improvements across all the objectives agreed upon within the proposal, Tall Marketing continues with SEO work on the French Furniture Fittings website. This is moving onto a new stage of the campaign where new content is being introduced to the website through engaged and keyword focused blog posts. 

MUV have also begun a project to redesign the French Furniture Fittings website in view to further building on user experience and further build on the brand’s reputation.

We have seen continued growth and expect the progress to evolve further.


Impressions On Google


Clicks From Google


Avg Rank Position Increase


Organic Revenue Increase

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