Who Are TeacherBoards?

Operating as part of Sundeala Ltd, TeacherBoards is an established eCommerce brand. Specialising in the nationwide supply of notice boards and whiteboards, you’ll find their products lining the walls of schools, universities and offices up and down the country.  

Services Delivered

Search Engine Optimisation

Magento Website Management

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Consultancy

The Challenge

As an enduring online brand, TeacherBoards had a dedicated customer base but had started to see a decrease in organic visibility. Having previously enjoyed strong search engine ranking positions for a host of competitive keywords, they observed that these rankings had started to decrease over a 12–18-month period. 

Having been no longer able to justify the previous cost of search engine optimisation work against the returns that it appeared to garner, Sundeala Ltd saw the TeacherBoards website begin to suffer as a result. This also increased their reliance on paid advertising to ensure they maintained a strong online presence.

During this timeline, the website had also migrated onto the Magento 2 platform – the successor to Magento 1. While this meant the website was optimised to meet the immediate business and customer demands, it also became clear that to thoroughly take advantage of their investment, assistance would be required to convert this improved performance into an increase of online sales.  

With a clear mission in mind, Sundeala Ltd researched the SEO marketplace to find a trusted partner. Someone who understood their position and whom they could work closely with, to not only rebuild TeacherBoards’ organic visibility, but to also develop even stronger ranking positions.

The Solution

After some initial conversations, Tall Marketing put together a proposal based on a detailed analysis of the website’s current position. Our analysis included investigating the reasons why organic visibility had decreased, with the proposal outlining a campaign of work, designed to build long term ranking improvements.  

The first step towards creating improvements was for us to take control of their website content. This involved detailed keyword research to investigate current search trends. The whole SEO campaign would then be built around a basket of keywords which would also be used to help build pivotal benchmarks to monitor the ongoing success of the campaign. 

Also within our proposal was the implementation of a new content strategy. This would be achieved by rejuvenating their blog section and introducing a regular stream of new, insightful content to the website. The aim of which would not only capture the interest of relevant, existing users but also widen opportunities to build additional search engine rankings and attract new users as well. 

With transparent and justifiable campaign costing agreed, the leadership team at Sundeala Ltd were happy and eager for work to commence.

The Results

Within an 18-month period of focused SEO campaign work on the TeacherBoards website, we have been able to report consistent organic growth, month on month.   

In comparison to periods prior to the campaign work, reports began to show that the website was generating increased sales from organic search almost straight away, despite organic visitor numbers dropping compared to the year before. This was thanks to an initial batch of work to improve the general content of the website, the aim of which was to lift ranking positions. But by ensuring the content was current and relevant, this also resulted in an immediate improvement in conversion rates. 

Due to the nature of their target markets, the TeacherBoards website sales do experience seasonal fluctuations, but annual comparisons of eCommerce revenue generated from organic search continues to show strong increases. In addition, the TeacherBoards website continues to build rankings against our target keywords – some of which are particularly competitive due to their high search volume. 

Tall Marketing continue to work closely with Sundeala Ltd. Their own company website has recently undergone a redesign and content overhaul, over which Tall Marketing were appointed to provide consultancy. Additionally, Sundeala Ltd are so satisfied with the continued success of the campaign work on the TeacherBoards website, that they have since also selected Tall Marketing to implement an SEO campaign for their new company website now as well. 


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Organic Website Visitors


The results of the SEO campaign have been impressive. The monthly statistics have shown constant growth in both organic visibility and organic order revenue. We’ve developed a long term relationship and trust the recommendations we receive as the results speak for themselves. Finding a trusted partner in the SEO marketplace can be challenging but we’ve found someone who understands our position and who we enjoy working closely with.”

Sundeala Ltd

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