How To Create Locally Relevant Content

How To Create Locally Relevant Content

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For businesses looking to establish a strong online presence in their local area, creating and understanding the purpose of locally relevant content is a crucial. From a local bakery, to a digital marketing agency, crafting locally themed content that speaks to their target markets keeps them relevant and starts everyday conversations.

Understanding the importance of local content

When we refer to local SEO, we’re not just talking about the technical setup of a website. We’re including content creation that builds a local presence and engages potential local customers.

In it’s most simplest form, local content is about telling search engines what your business does and where you are. Search engines, particularly Google, will now prioritise a users location when it delivers search results. When you’ve executed a locally focused content strategy, your website should become more relevant to the searchers query.

When you start creating content built around local keyword research, you can ensure you’re working to increase search visibility in the right areas.

However, local content goes beyond just keywords and locations. It’s vital your content is relevant and portrays your knowledge and authority. A fantastic way to implement local content is to engage with local events or initiatives and then reporting on them. Plus, localised content such as this is more likely to attract backlinks from other local websites which is another effective way  to build local organic search engine rankings.

Types of local content

Imagine your favourite local restaurant. To build their local online presence they could feature articles about the history of the building their located in, and how they’re working with local suppliers. This is the kind of content that resonates with a local audience and positions the restaurant as a business that cares about the local economy.

Here are various types of local content you could utilise to grow your search engine visibility:

Locally themed blog posts

Writing blogs about local news or events is a great way to engage a local audience. If you’re involved in the local community you should promote it, but also use it as a natural way to use local keywords in your content. Additionally, you can promote these posts on social media to boost engagement and start conversations.

Community event coverage

Actively being involved in local events can be a gold mine of local content. If you’re a business that supports or participates in a local event you can use photographs, interviews and updates to create keyword rich content. This is also content that can attract local backlinks which will further boost your search engine visibility.

Local guides and reviews

As a local business you could take time out to visit local attractions, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds etc in view to writing reviews or guides on the best things to do in your area. This type of content can be very useful to both visitors and locals and enhance your website’s authority.

Local case studies

As an established business you must have a long line of satisfied customers. Sharing how you have positively impacted customers is a powerful way to connect with your target audience. Tall Marketing have a growing list of case studies, which include a description of the customer, the work completed and a testimonial from the client themselves. This type of content not only resonates locally but also showcases expertise and success stories.

Local specific landing pages

If you have a business that operates is multiple locations, creating specific location pages on your website is essential to building rankings in each place. For example, if you have a bakery business with locations in Kendal, Lancaster and Penrith you should create a page for each that include content written for that specific location. This is not only an effective SEO tactic, it will also provide a personalised experience for website visitors and increase enquiries.

Local partnerships

Producing content in collaboration with other local businesses or influential people can significantly boost relevance and reach.  For example, a local gym could partner up with a health food shop to produce content around healthy living and nutrition. This will also open up opportunities for cross promotion for both businesses. It’s important the content is valuable and interesting which resonates with your target audience.

User or customer generated content

Asking customers or website users to share their experiences of working with your business is an effective way to generate authentic and engaging content. User generated content will naturally include your target keywords and provide opportunities to repurpose through social media posts or case studies – which in turn can build further local engagement.

FAQs with a local relevance

An FAQ section that addresses common local queries can be a valuable resource for both your audience and your SEO efforts. This type of content is not only helpful for those seeking local information but also establishes your business as a knowledgeable authority in your field. Additionally, by targeting questions commonly searched by locals, you improve the chances of your website showing in organic search results at the point potential customers are researching.


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